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Who we are?

Established in 2016 in Budapest Hungary by IT professionals, Lannfield offers custom software solutions for complex IT requirements on the one hand and security and defense technologies on the other hand.

The team of Lannfield consists of former employees of Hungarian government intelligence divisions, university professors and highly specialised IT developers.

What we do?


Complex IT solutions

We develop custom software in the field of deep learning, big data and AI optimised for high performance computing on supercomputing farms.


Security Solutions
  • Unbreakable (military grade) hardware encrypted communication for mobile phones.
  • Anti Drone Defense solutions for 24/7 detection and fully automated defence against commercial drones. (for Airports, protecting events or buildings in a city center or moving cars)

Anti drone key features:
protection against drone swarms, drone shield protecting large areas, working in all weather conditions, no interference with ILS, mobile networks, GPS, low energy consumption, no additional operational personnel needed, very easy to use, available also for moving vehicles such as cars…


Lannfield Ltd
Garay utca 129
7140 Bataszék

VAT number:  HU25538090
registration:  17-09-011424

Tel: +36 20 249 1902

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